Hangul Shelf -

The look of terrazzo and beauty of natural wood mixed in our new collaboration with Knok Store.

The terrazzo look is made in an unique way that opened new possibilities. With this material, we've decided to explore more into smaller furniture.

After many months of discussions and design, we came up with the Hangul shelf.

What is Hangul?

Hangul is an innovative Korean alphabet created by King Sejong the Great of the Joseon Dynasty in the year 1444. The Hangul letters are written in syllabic blocks with each alphabetic letter placed vertically and horizontally into a square dimension. Therefore the design is very graphical and one could be creative with its shape.

We have chosen the shapes from the consonant ㄱ, ㄴ, ㅁ and the vowel ㅡ from Hangul and designed 4 types of shelves.

It has a modern look but also you can have fun finding the Hangul alphabet within the design.


Resin, natural stones and oak


length 80 cm / depth 18 cm / height 5 cm

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